Downtown Tour of Winnipeg

Downtown Tour of Winnipeg

Discover Winnipegs Allure with Soncina Travel and Events

Prepare to be swept away on an unforgettable journey as we guide you through the vibrant tapestry of Winnipeg – often referred to as the Chicago of the North in Canada.

Architectural Marvels Unveiled:

Immerse yourself in the downtown of Winnipeg, a testament to architectural preservation. Behold the captivating Chicago-style architecture that graces the city's neighbourhoods, weaving together a narrative of history, trade, and artistic

A Tale of Time and Vision:

Our seasoned guides will lead you on a voyage that bridges the gap between the city's storied past and its modern landscape. Traverse through vibrant shops, experience the pulse of dynamic street art, and witness the culinary evolution that defines this capital city.

Engage Your Senses:

This journey is designed to awaken every sense within you. Immerse yourself in captivating sights, embrace the rhythm of city life, and savour the distinctive flavours that define Winnipeg. From historic landmarks to modern marvels, this expedition will leave you enchanted.

Tour Details:

180 minutes of immersive exploration.

Meeting Point:
Vaughn Street Jail, Winnipeg, MB (specific address to be provided).

End Point:
Portage and Main, Winnipeg, MB (specific address to be provided).


1. Professional guide
2. Two food and drink stops
3. Optional museum visit


1. Tours run in rain, snow, or sunshine.
2. Please dress accordingly for the weather.
3. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary requests.
4. Tipping is important; tours are sold at a reduced price, so if you enjoy the experience, please consider tipping.
5. All tours must be cancelled 24 hours before, or no refund will be honoured.


  • Vaughn Street Jail: Step into history at the iconic Vaughn Street Jail, where your adventure begins.
  • Dalvert House: Discover the charm of Dalvert House, a testament to Winnipeg's heritage.
  • True North Square: Immerse yourself in the contemporary heartbeat of the city, where modernity meets culture.
  • Legislative Building: Stand in awe of the majestic Legislative Building, a true landmark of Winnipeg's identity.
  • Masonic History: Uncover intriguing tales from Winnipeg's Masonic history.
  • Portage and Main: Conclude your odyssey at the iconic crossroads that encapsulate Winnipeg's vibrancy.

Embrace the Experience: Dress comfortably for the outdoors and get ready to connect with Winnipeg's past, present, and future. Important , Stops are subject to change.

Unlock the Essence of Winnipeg with Soncina Travel and Events. Let's create enduring memories together!

Before You Go

  • Please contact us in advance if you have any food allergies or mobility concerns.
  • The tour is mostly outdoors, so please dress for the weather.
  • Remember to bring your mask and hand sanitizer.
  • If this is not the tour you need, please check out our Tours for other fantastic options in Winnipeg!


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